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What are Sheep
First sheep like cattle, goats, and deer are ruminates.  Ruminates are a miraculous gift of God. Ruminates have multi-chambered stomachs which includes the rumen in which microorganisms break down plant material including cellulose. Ruminates take plant parts that people cannot digest, and transform it into a high protein food for mankind.

Sheep graze and browse quickly then later they lay down regurgitate and re-chew their food, this is called chewing the cud or ruminating.  Sheep ruminate several hours a day.

Most people, when they see the word “sheep” think of woolly sheep.

Wool Sheep

Wool sheep are descended from wild sheep which like hair sheep lacked wool.  Over time through selective breeding, wool sheep were developed.  Wool is a wonderful product, but wool sheep have some drawbacks.  One is sheering. The wool market does not allow a profit, after the cost of the backbreaking job of sheering.  Another drawback is the presents of lanolin.  Lanolin is a very useful substance, but it has a negative effect on the taste of wool sheep meat.
Hair Sheep
Hair Sheep.  Many of the North American hair sheep breeds a derived for West African hair sheep brought to the Caribbean. Where the lack of wool helped them adapt to the heat and humidity.  They had to survive on the forage that was available and developed parasite resistance.