Ranchito Grande

Ranchito Grande is located in the Ozarks of South Central Missouri.  It is an ideal place to raise sheep.  We grow hair sheep, which lack wool and are excellent meat producers. 

Our management philosophy precludes the use of pesticides, chemicals and feeding grain.  The animals  at Ranchito Grande are grass and forage fed.  Sheep like grass but prefer broad leaf plants, sheep are primarily browsers.

Our sheep are a mixture of Katahdin, a little Barbados and Saint Croix sheep.  We exclusively use Saint Croix Rams from Greg and Jan Judy’s Green Pasture Farm.  We follow Greg Judy’s practices as much as possible.

Our sheep usually have paddocks which include an area of grass as well as a wooded area where they have access to some of their favorite leafy plants as well as shade.

Sheep at Ranchito Grande have a good life.